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New Year, New Goals: Finding Alignment in What Lies Ahead

I have always been fascinated by the hustle and bustle of the end of the year season juxtaposed next to the quiet of the natural world. The hibernation of some of the trees, and animals. The cleansing cool of the air after a hot summer all bring feelings of renewal.

Why do we need renewal?

In a conversation with a friend recently I noticed we often are working on 1-2 goals that we cannot seem to push forward throughout the year. I am included in this scenario! I have had a garage project I needed to tackle ALL Year LONG.

When I had the time to do what would take maybe a morning, the heat was suffocating, and now the air is too cold. By all standards my garage is fine, but fine is not my focus. As a high achieving person, I hold myself to a higher standard than fine. My goals are focused on improvement and growth.

I should say that there are a few things in the garage that need to be passed along from my late husband and so it adds layers, like many of us have on the 1-2 things we are trying to accomplish in the year.

Our goals are very often not just focused on something as simple as cleaning a shelf, or organizing a few plastic containers, but much more complex.

When we are working with our life goals in the context of performing in our work goals, the lines are just as muddled. We often make our work goals our life goals and link our work achievements with our life achievements. We let our end of the year bonus determine how well we have done in life that year.

I think this year we all need a little renewal in ourselves and our life goals. Aligning those in part with work achievements is not necessarily a bad thing, but 12 months is a short goal cycle with a lifetime ahead.

So as the cycle renews, we do too. We decide if we let those 1-2 things hang over us and impact our new year or make peace with it and align something more important. We find hope in a long-term goal that helps to align the success, freedom, and peace we need in the hustle and bustle of the year.

What do you hope to accomplish in the new year? What would help you to achieve it?

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