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The Year of the Dragon - Be Bold!

It is not lost on me that the year I decided to really shift my focus is the year of the Dragon. This year is auspicious in the tradition and revered as one with good fortune and strong energy.  Ambition is strong in the year of the Dragon as it is thought to bring opportunity.


As I work with clients, I hear happy people say they were called to do something. They found enjoyment even in the tough days because the work was fulfilling to them. For me, it was my connection to people and the life I could lead in a more favorable environment, that pulled me to being happy in this new life. A life where my own passion and creativity could thrive.  Sure, it is bold to look for alternative paths and there is fear but the standard life you have is also not without risk,  even if it is perfectly planned. I think the pandemic has taught us all this lesson.


Many of us are working on finding that thing that makes this all make sense. For some the “thing” might be a higher power, for others a life practice, or family that spurs the feeling of success and happiness.  However, that contentment is hard to come by for many.

If you stay in that comfort and allow that fear what opportunities might you deny?


Working to know what is right for you, and what will fulfill you is harder and harder with all the distractions.  I was speaking with a friend last year and listening to the great success of a high-level tech career, who was up for promotion in just weeks that ended in an unexpected layoff. It was heart breaking.


All his energy and resources had been focused on the next promotion for the last several years. He was nearing the age for early retirement and was focused on the prize he had worked so hard for the last 30 years to achieve. In a blink it was all gone, the only thing left of value was a package and stocks to show for the effort he had put into this dream.  He was wrecked.


He questioned where did he need to start and what were his next plans? He was in good health though now older, and he felt he might face challenges finding another role at the right level. He was like so many people I know after the loss of a job visibly shaken. The very definition of the success of his life was wrapped in the last job and title.  The fear was there, and while he did not overtly say it, he was hinting that he would never find joy like this again.  


This work is tough but asking the hard questions helps us as people evolve and grow. Happiness is a real thing.  The work began and he dove in headfirst, to find that path to happiness.  As the year ended and we were discussing his plans, he had a pathway, and understanding of his self his skillsets and where he would be an asset. Then most importantly where he would be happiest.


In this Year of the Dragon, what opportunity have you not taken, put off or not dared to dream about?  Is there more for you that is unexplored?  Do you want to be fulfilled differently?  Is happiness eluding you?  


I can guarantee, I do not have all the answers, but together we can work to align your passions with your goals and bring new beginning to 2024! Be Bold - #MoreIn2024


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