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Is Employee Unhappiness Impacting Your Workplace Productivity?

February is a time of Love and mattress sales and this year Mardi Gras and a host of other celebrations.  It is also where your entire performance in 2023 (and often self-worth) are quantified into an arbitrarily assigned Year-end bonus. Most companies start paying those bonuses at the beginning of March, and the great migration occurs!  

With the deferred compensation tether now paid people are free to resign and move to other opportunities or to take a break and reset.


Many people are leaving jobs and companies that they have worked for 3-5 years sometimes more, and the job market changes, technology and ability to find another job can be tasking.

There is another part of the population that is still hanging on in the old role and hoping that one day it will all be worth it.  Trust me I have been there, and it rarely is! But is moving to another company the solution, does it really solve anything?


What would your life and experience look like if you intentionally drove it?  What would your life be like if you woke up every morning recharged and excited about the work you were doing?


Gallup published a survey in 2023 that stated that only 15% of Americans are engaged at work, meaning 85% of our American work force are unhappy.  Some of the reasons cited for this unhappiness, are work life balance, and company culture. Why is this important?


Productivity of an unhappy employee can drop more than 12% than employees that are happy at their job. That may not seem like a big difference but if out of 100 people only 15 are at peak job performance, the straining of company resources to support the shortfalls becomes staggering.  Evidence of how this occurs could point to bad hiring, bad management, return to work mandates and a shift in what is important to a company culture like DEI initiatives.  


So how do we turn it around?  Each company is different, and each employee’s experience is different, but holding real space to find out what is needed can be a first step. There are trends though in each company and with the right consultants and coaching focus on the company deliverables and their alignment to personal passions, change can be achieved.


Do you have a team that needs productivity support?  Has there been a recent change initiative and your team or employees are not happy?  Do you think you have the right people in the right roles and the right talent to grow your business for the future? Do you personally need help navigating a new role, team, or change? What would it feel like to really Love what you do?


Book a Free 20-minute Discovery session and see how ChooseCoaching, LLC can assist - Link

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